Confucian-Christian Encounters in Historical and Contemporary Perspective

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A re-examination of the respective roles of Confucianism and Christianity in the modern world, the challenges they face, and what they might contribute to the development of world civilization for the 21st century.


"Much credit goes to Peter Lee who has truly rendered a labor of love. Under his careful selection, competent editorship and skillful juxtaposing and augmentation of the papers with a few that were actually not presented at the conference -- a coherent volume is produced here which will be interesting to the average reader as well as useful to the scholar." - Journal of Ecumenical Studies

". . . the articles are consistently of high quality. This valuable volume will help bring us all up to speed in understanding the Confucian tradition and to see the many ways in which it relates to and is different from the Christian faith." -- Missiology

"This volume represents a significant step forward in the dialogue between Confucians and Christians. . . . As the only such volume available on Confucian-Christian dialogue, this is a unique and indispensable volume for libraries and individual scholars." - Japanese Journal of Religious Studies

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