Concordance to the Poetry of Joseph Brodsky

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This concordance is designed to assist Brodsky specialists and students of Russian poetry, deepening their understanding of one of the most important poets of our time whose works are now an indispensable part of the curriculum of many American and European universities.


"... this concordance, which presents every word of Brodsky's poetry contextually, is not a 'Brodsky Dictionary' in lexicographical sense but a dictionary of uniquely Brodskian meanings. Besides obvious philological applications, the so-structured concordance serves two other purposes. First of all, it provides itineraries for studying the development of Brodsky's topoi ... Second, Tatiana Patera's work thanks to the stylistic versatility of Brodsky's poetic diction, accurately describes the state of the Russian national language in the second half of the twentieth century. ... this book is a monumental double portrait of the poet and his language." - Prof. Lev Loseff, Dartmouth College

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