Comparison of the Dramatic Work of Cao Yu and J. M. Synge

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Compares three pairs of plays by the Irish playwright J. M. Synge and the Chinese playwright Cao Yu, discussing some provocative dramaturgical similarities as well as profound aesthetic differences and uncovering a number of instances of Cao Yu's appropriation of Western literary models that have not been recognized before.

Table of Contents

Table of contents


2.A Comparison of the Absent Antagonists in Leiyu and Riders to the Sea

3.A Comparison of the Spatial Relations in Yuanye and The Shadow of the Glen

4.The Sadness of Unaccomplished Chuanshen in Beijingren and the Joy of Play in The Playboy of the Western World

5.A Review of the Dramatic Work of Cao Yu and J. M. Synge


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