Comparative Studies in Merlin From the Vedas to C. G. Jung

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Original papers from the Kalamazoo Symposium on Merlin, including such essays as: "Merlin as Psychological Symbol: A Jungian Perspective" by James Gollnick, "Merlin in the Indo-European Tradition" by Zacharias P. Thundy, "Merlin in the Medieval Alchemical Tradition" by Peter Goodrich, "Merlin in the Vulgate and Post Vulgate" by Aileen MacDonald, "Merlin and the Divine Machinery of Dryden's King Arthur" by Brad Walton, "T.H. White's Merlyn: A Flawed Prophet" by Martin Kellman, "The Figure of Merlin in the Middle English Chronicles" by Caroline D. Eckhardt, and "The Metamorphosis of Merlin: An Examination of the Protagonist of `The Crystal Cave' and `The Hollow Hills'" by Christopher Dean.

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