Comedy in Comparative Literature. Essays on Dante, Hoffmann, Nietzsche, Wharton, Borges, and Cabrera Infante

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A collection of essays that explore the very dynamics of comedy, jokes laughter and theorization from early writings of antiquity to contemporary modern day fiction and fits well into the genre of comparative literature and will pose many opportunities for
further scholarship.


“aims at exploring a wide range of modalities of laughter – and of related phenomena such as jokes, comedy and the comic, irony, play or folly – across the board and from board and the borders…”-Prof. Manfred Pfister, Freie Universitat Berlin

“The authoritative, insightful readings contained in this collection of essays individually and collectively represent a welcome contribution to research and scholarship in the field of comedy studies.” – Prof. Eric Weitz, Trinity College

“…this book is animated by a continual interplay between imaginative writing and thought and theory. Centering for the most part on modern questioning and refiguring of the relations between tragic and comic…” -Prof. Jeremy Lane, University of Sussex

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Manfred Pfister (Freie Universitat Berlin)


Introduction: David Gallagher

Chapter 1: The Trumpets of Dante's Inferno
Kathleen Haley (Brooklyn College)

Chapter 2: Uncanny Laughter: Reworking Freud's Theory of Jokes with E. T. A. Hoffmann's 'The Sandman'
Naomi Beeman (Emory University)

Chapter 3: Signifying Laughter: The Comic Style of Nietzsche's Diejrohliche Wissenschaft
Adrian Switzer (Western Kentucky University)

Chapter 4: The Laughter of Gods and Devils: Edith Wharton and the Coen Brothers On Deception, Disappointment, and Cosmic Irony
Svetlana Rukhelman (Harvard University)

Chapter 5: Jorge Luis Borges: Aesthetic Constructs and the Humanism of Play
Natalya Sukhonos (Harvard University)

Chapter 6: Recovering Laughter: Corporeal Follies in Guillermo Cabrera Infante's Tres tristes tigres
Kael Ashbaugh (Rutgers University)



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