College Level Tuba Curriculum

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This study begins with a brief history of the tuba, focusing on its development from its instrumental precursors, as well as the development of solo and ensemble literature for the tuba. The second chapter contains an in-depth study of pedagogical techniques and materials required for the implementation of a college level tuba program. It contains essential technical information such as tone production articulation concepts, etc., as well as essential administrative information such as grading procedures, equipment choices, etc. The final section contains annotated tuba literature lists, divided into solo, orchestral, band, and etude works, and a listing of solo tuba recordings.


“Geoffrey Whitehead’s work provides a very valuable resource for tuba teachers, particularly those who teach at the college level. His primary subjects and sources are three of the most eminent tuba performers and pedagogues of the past century: William Bell, Harvey Phillips, and Daniel Perantoni. The specific techniques used by these teachers to develop proper embouchure, a wider range, proper breathing technique, and effective articulation should be of great interest to all tuba teachers. The tuba literature lists (divided into solo, orchestral, band, and etude) provide helpful ratings for level of difficulty along with concise and insightful annotations by Dr. Whitehead. All teachers of advanced tuba players should find much useful information in this document. It provides reference material which will be of great value for many years to come.” – Dr. Kenneth C. Murray, Professor of Music Education, Wingate University

“This source book is much needed by college brass teachers around the world. Obviously, tuba players and teachers will use this as a major resource. However, there are many universities and colleges that have one brass teacher for all the brass students. Often that person is not a tuba player. This book will be a tremendous source of information and direction for such music departments…. It is ‘must read’ material for anyone remotely interested in brass performance and pedagogy.” – M. Dee Stewart, professor of Trombones and Euphonium, Indiana University

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Commendatory Preface by Harvey Phillips
1. Short History
2. Diversity of Career Choices; Performance Requirements; Chamber Music; Tuition Format; Recital Preparation; Grading/Evaluation; Curriculum; Teaching Style; Camaraderie; Literature; Literature Interpretation; Recruiting Students; General Concepts; Intonation; Equipment Choices
3. Solo Literature; Orchestral Literature; Band Literature; Etude Literature; Solo Tuba Recordings
Bibliography; Index

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