Collected Essays in Honor of the Bicentennial of Alexander Pushkin’s Birth

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This collection involved the participation of both Russian and American scholars at a joint event to honor Pushkin.


“. . . all of the contributors to this collection (some of whom are among the leading Pushkin scholars) offer serious, skillful performances. . . . Always scholarly, often insightful. . . . Recommended for all university libraries.” - CHOICE

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface: Introduction
Pushkin and Tolstoy (Caryl Emerson)
Escape from Idyll: Checkhov and Pushkin (Carol A. Flath)
Poet – Prophet – Wanderer: The Image of Pushkin in Dostoevsky’s Pushkin Speech (Marina Kanevskaya)
The Dance of Love in Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin (The “Maiden’s Song”) (Marcus C. Levitt)
Pushkin’s “Pamiatnik” in the Light of His Meditative Lyrics of 1836 (Gerald E. Mikkelson)
Pushkin’s “Kapitanskaia dochka” and Trifonov’s Starik: Law and Grace in Times of War (Gerald E. Mikkelson and Tatiana Spektor)
Pushkin’s History of Peter the Great: Interpretation by Triangulation (Kevin M. F. Plant)
The Magic Square of Faust in Pushkin’s Secret Code: The Decembrists’ Picture Puzzles and the Secret Number 17 (Rostislaw Schulz)
The Problem of Unity of Author-Narrator’s Stance in Pushkin’s ‘Eugene Onegin’ (J. Thomas Shaw)
Poets, Prophets, and the Romantic God: A Study of Viazemskii, Küchelbecker, and Pushkin (Andrew J. Swensen)
Pushkin and the Statue (Alexander Burganov)

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