Clumsy Construction in Mark's Gospel a Critique of Form- and Redaktionsgeschichte

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Proposes that Mark's gospel shows evidence of the distorting clumsiness that has always beset the ordinary, if occasionally creatively talented, story-teller.


"`Clumsy construction' may describe the Gospel of Mark, but it certainly does not describe this brief, provocative, and persuasive book [that is] written with unusual elegance and considerable verve . . . ." - Sciences Religieuses - Studies in Religion

". . . engagingly written . . . A joy to read . . . ." - Interpretation

". . . uncommonly good prose. . . . a discerning and sophisticated literary analysis based on a negative proposition: that Mark is not the systematic thinker he has been made out to be, but a so-so narrator whose tracks can be more or less uncovered by a keen literary eye uncluttered with assumptions about unswerving evangelical purpose." - Journal of Biblical Literature

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