Close Reading of John Donne’s Epigrams

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This book is a study of both epigrams as a literary form and also a study of the poetic epigrams written by John Donne. Therefore, it is a contribution both to our understanding of literary genres themselves and, also of particular epigrams written by the great Seventeenth Century poet John Donne.


Professor Hester is the world’s expert on the poetry of John Donne. In this book he delivers what he promises: an elucidation of the literary power of epigrams as a genre. What is also of unique value is Hester’s discussion of the different arrangements of Donne’s poems in the various editions of his works. I strongly recommend the publication of this book.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Reading John Donne’s Epigrams
Works cited
Re-Reading John Donne’s Epigram

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