Clement Marot. Figure, Text and Intertext

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"This stimulating new monograph focuses on the perennial problem of Marot as a transitional poet, challenging the underlying premise. . . that Renaissance poetry is inherently superior to late medieval poetry. . . . Her concluding chapter is very convincing. She rightly stresses the value of the Huizinga model of the transition from Middle Ages to Renaissance as a context in which to situate Marot and offers an excellent formulation to describe the sometimes rather strange blend of the old and new in his work: `his poetry provides what might be described as a non-confrontational model of cultural change'. If Williams herself is at times resolutely confrontational, her work is all the richer for it." - Christine M. Scollen-Jimack, in French Studies

"Williams' treatment of Marot's "Au Roy, pour avoir esté desrobé" (1531) is a worthy, enlightened exposé. . . . . contains copious notes and a very substantial bibliography. It reveals seriousness of purpose and identifies documented studies and conclusions; furthermore, it contains revelations strongly supported by concrete evidence. Detailed exposés and minute study reveal a truly critical mind of the author. This work is invaluable to sixteenth century scholarship in French literature or Renaissance. It merits serious study and inclusion in the libraries with other Marot holdings." - The European Studies Journal

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