Clemenceau a Life at War

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A biographical study of the French statesman known as "the Tiger" who spent 50 years in politics and led France in 1918 and in the Paris Peace Conference. Based on primary and secondary sources, especially scholarship since the 1974 opening of the post-1918 archival sources. Consults thoroughly Clemenceau's vast journalistic output, including that concerned with the Dreyfus Affair. Gives a revisionist view of the controversial 1906-9 ministry and the 1914-17 rise. Most complete account of Boulanger and Panama involvement. Includes chronology, map reference, appendices, endnotes, and bibliography.


"Newhall offers a balanced and exceptionally literate biography of the French Third Republic's great politician, Georges Clemenceau. . . an excellent, nontechnical study of "The Tiger", one that is more readable that Jean-Baptiste Duroselle's massive Clemenceau. Newhall's biography is also, in miniature, a sensible commentary on all but the last tragic years of the Third Republic. Undergraduate libraries." - Choice

". . . comprehensive and scholarly: Newhall had read 30 years' published literature and knows how to tell a story. He writes well about such relatively unfamiliar periods in Clemenceau's old ages as his trip to the United States in 1922 . . . . provides a convincing summary of the character and achievements of a leader who was rather more flexible in 1919 that legend suggests and less destructive than it suited his opponents/victims to claim. . ." -- Modern and Contemporary France

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