Civil War Letters (1862-1865) of Private Henry Kauffman

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These letters will be of interest to any Civil War enthusiast. Though registered as "Blacksmith" in the Company Descriptive Book of the 110th Reg't of the Ohio Infantry, Kaufmann insisted upon serving as a front-line infantryman throughout the war. His unit was involved in some of the more intense fighting in the war, particularly in the Shenandoah Valley. He was captured by the Confederates at one point and "paroled'. He deserted, was apprehended, and returned to duty. Later he was wounded and finally mustered out of a military hospital. The book also contains maps and photographs.


". . . a superb patch on the quilt of the social history of the Civil War. Good reading for anyone with an interest in the human side of the War between the States, the book will be particularly useful to historians and writers researching the daily routines of the men in the ranks.. . . His writing style is matter of fact, but he has a storyteller's talents. . . . " - Sewall C. Sawyer, Ohio Historical Society

". . . These letters will add to the corpus of primary materials revealing . . . . glimpses of a rather innocent young man caught up in a larger encounter over which he had no control and yet which threatened his very life. They also reveal aspects of the more ordinary dimensions of soldiering." - John Howe

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