Churches of the Restoration. A Study in Origins

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In western church history, the movement which sought to go further than the Protestant Reformation has been called both the "Radical Reformation" and the "Free Church", as distinct from the national churches, such as the Church of England. They demanded a restoration of the "primitive church" reflected in the New Testament. This movement emerged in seven major branches: Pietists, Anabaptists, Brethren, Puritans, Methodists, Christians (Disciples), and Pentecostals. Each of these claimed to be nearer the primitive church than the others. In this research, the claim of each is compared with the New Testament for appraisal and evaluation. The eighth chapter concentrates on the churches reflected in the New Testament (cf. Minear, Aune).


". . . it has a positive contribution to make in the current religious scene in which it is so crucial to consider the sometimes neglected insights of lesser known, but historically important, traditions." - Harold W. Burgess

". . . a splendid work in ecclesiology, the doctrine of the church. This study ranks among those books that deliver more than their titles suggest. Turner's book does indeed cover the origins of "restoration" churches, and the work also presents a well researched summary of the teachings and influences of these churches. . . . This book will fill a need for college and seminary students, as well as for inquiring pastors and lay persons. Turner has arranged his material skilfully, and he develops his format clearly and logically." - Kenneth Cain Kinghorn

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