Chronology of Opera Performances at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, 1860-1917 (2 Book Set)

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Compiled by an Anglo-Russian research team over a four-year period, the chronology has drawn on contemporary records in the archives of the Mariinsky itself, the newspaper archives in the Russian National Library in St Petersburg and material held in the St Petersburg State Museum of Theatre and Music: the vast majority of this material has never appeared in English-translation prior to the current publication.


“. . . the first, essential tool towards research on this extraordinary institution, which for so long was the centre of Russia’s artistic life. The strength of this publication is the amount of new data it provides. With its comprehensive records about works, composers, performers and artists, the chronology illuminates the interaction of Westerners and Russians towards the establishment of Russian opera. This interaction between the two cultures was particularly fertile during the artistic career of Eduard Napravnik, the Mariinsky’s chief conductor for nearly fifty years (1868-1916), a period entirely covered by the chronology.” – Dr. Noelle Mann, Goldsmiths University of London

“Much research has been undertaken producing significant publications on opera houses in the USA. South America and Western Europe. detailed histories are based on the day-to-day chronologies indicating when operas were performed and the singers undertaking the major roles.

Until now there has been nothing comparable for the major opera houses in Eastern Europe. The most serious gap has been Russia. Its operatic tradition dates back almost two hundred years and encompasses both composition and performance. Russian operas form a significant part of the international repertoire, whilst Russian singers have forged major careers both in their own country and abroad.
This book represents an invaluable contribution to our knowledge of operatic history.” – Prof. Stanley Hertig, Managing Director, Historic Masters Ltd.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Rosamund Barlett
Part One: 1860-1870
Season 1860-61
Season 1861-62
Season 1862-63
Season 1863-64
Season 1864-65
Season 1865-66
Season 1866-67
Season 1867-68
Season 1868-69
Season 1869-70
Part Two: 1870-1880
Season 1870-71
Season 1871-72
Season 1872-73
Season 1873-74
Season 1874-75
Season 1875-76
Season 1876-77
Season 1877-78
Season 1878-79
Season 1879-80
Part Three: 1880-1890
Season 1880-81
Season 1881-82
Season 1882-83
Season 1883-84
Season 1884-85
Season 1885-86
Season 1886-87
Season 1887-88
Season 1888-89
Season 1889-90
Part Four: 1890-1900
Season 1890-91
Season 1891-92
Season 1892-93
Season 1893-94
Season 1894-95
Season 1895-96
Season 1896-97
Season 1897-98
Season 1898-99
Season 1899-1900
Part Five: 1900-1910
Season 1900-01
Season 1901-02
Season 1902-03
Season 1903-04
Season 1904-05
Season 1905-06
Season 1906-07
season 1907-08
Season 1908-09
Season 1909-10
Part Six: 1910-1917
Season 1910-11
Season 1911-12
Season 1912-13
Season 1913-14
Season 1914-15
Season 1915-16
Season 1916-17
Index of Proper Names
Index of Titles

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