Chronicles of the Reign of Æthelred the Unready

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This volume is the first in a series in which the pre-Conquest chronicles of England will be presented in a comparative format. Edited texts of the chronicles, and modern English translations, are placed on facing pages. The major Old English and Latin texts are given side by side, annal by annal, on even-numbered pages, with significant variants as footnotes. Opposite them appear the translations, with explanatory comments as footnotes.


“Over the past two decades there have been radical developments in our knowledge of the pre-Conquest chronicles of England. Reliable textual editions have now been published of nearly all the major chronicles, national and regional, in both Latin and in Old English. At the same time, great strides have been made in analyzing the origin, content, and transmission of these texts ... Few scholars have the knowledge and experience to envisage such a daunting undertaking, and of these, fewer still are in a position to make the attempt. Dr. Hart, who has been examining the full range of this material closely and independently over a period of half a century, now plans to embark upon this enterprise ... This pioneering study makes no claim to be definitive, but will surely provide a firm basis upon which further progress can be made to our understanding of the history of England in the early medieval period.” – (from the Preface) Alfred P. Smyth, Professor Emeritus, University of Kent at Canterbury

“For the past fifty years, Dr. Hart has made major contributions to our understanding of many different aspects of Anglo-Saxon history and literary culture. His work has long been characterized by a refreshing determination to challenge the assumptions upon which existing orthodoxy depends, and to set up alternative views based on his own first-hand examination of the evidence ... This is essential reading for all those interest in one of the most fascinating periods of early English history.” – Professor Simon Keynes, University of Cambridge

“It is hoped that this edition of the chronicles of the reign of Æthelred the Unready will stimulate new interest in the life and times of this much-maligned and under-valued king. Dr. Hart presents a radically new interpretation of the written sources for his reign, involving not only the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, but also the chronicle long attributed to John of Worcester and his older contemporary, Florence ... Throughout the book, the elegance and clarity of Dr. Hart’s text, notes and introduction belie the vast learning which has been poured into this work, and enable even absolute beginners to understand the issues involved in the study of this remote but crucial period of English history.” – Anne Williams, Senior Research Fellow, University of East Anglia

Table of Contents

Preface to the Series
Preface to Volume I
List of Facsimiles
List of Maps
List of Appendices
List of Abbreviations

Part I – Sources and Compilation of the Æthelredian Chronicles
1. Texts of the Æthelredian Chronicles
2. Style, Content and Authorship
3. Historical Value

Part II – A Comparative Edition and Translation of the Æthelredian Chronicles
Abbreviations of Chronicle Texts
The English Chronicles 978-1017

Biographical Notes
Index of Persons
Index of Places

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