Christian Pacifism Confronts German Nationalism - The Ecumenical Movement and the Cause of Peace in Germany, 1914-1933

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Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. The Weltanschauung of German Protestantism: The Historical Roots of the German Political-Religious Culture; World War I and its Aftermath in the Weimar Era
2. Siegmund-Schultze’s Ideology and its Theological Roots
3. Baptism of Fire - The Origins of the World Alliance
4. Up from the Ashes – The Battle for Survival, 1914-1918
5. The Practice of the Peace: The World Alliance, 1919-1933
6. The Peace Movement of the Churches in Germany, 1919-1933
7. The Treaty of Versailles and the War Guilt Question
8. The League of Nations and Disarmament
Epilogue: the Decline of the World Alliance, 1933-48
Appendices: “International Peace and the German Christian.” Theses by Friedrich Siegmund-Schultze; World Alliance Declaration of Principles, Oud Wassneaer Conference, 1919; Stuttgart resolutions on War Guilt 1924; Prague Resolutions on Disarmament, 1928; Eisenach-Avignon Resolution, 1929; Table of Ecumencial conferences, 1914-1948
Bibliography; Index

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