Chaucer and the Taverners of Ipswich. The Influence of His Paternal Ancestors Upon Some Portraits in the General Prologue and Upon His Descendants

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New historical facts are brought to light by this distinguished professor of Chaucer studies. Those familiar with the poet will be engaged and delighted by this critical investigation of the Canterbury Tales. Professor Boyd, a specialist in Middle English, brings a new level of understanding to the work by revealing important aspects of the Middle English prose in which it was written.


“The great feature of Professor Boyd’s book is her clear narrative style and her attention to detail, particularly in the historical section of her book...I enjoyed the book immensely and learned from it...”
-Dr. Robert Forman,
Professor English and Classics,
St. John’s University

Table of Contents

Part I: The Taverners of Ipswich

1: Who Were the Chaucers?
2: John’s Case
3: The Descent of an Ipswich Tavern
Part II: Affectation Among the Pilgrims
4: The Sergeant of the Lawe
5: The Merchant
6: The Prioress
7: The Monk
8: The Friar
Part Three: Portraits of Provincial Pilgrims
9: The Wife of Bath
10: The Shipman
11: The Knight’s Yeoman
12: The Franklin
13: The Miller and the Reeve
14: The Parson and the Plowman
Part Four: Suffolk Revisited
15: Thomas Chaucer
16: Alice Chaucer, Dutches of Suffolk

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