Changing Paradigms of Christian Higher Education in China(1888-1950)

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This volume features two scholars from China and two from Hong Kong. They represent an international outlook on the set of problems they address. The contribution of this work is to highlight a few significant aspects of Christian higher education in China during the Republican Period (1912-1949, especially the fading of religious and theological education, and the paradoxical growth at some of these foreign-established institutions of high quality academic programs in Chinese studies.


“Individually and collectively, their effort is significant: to reconsider the role that Christian colleges played in the modern history of Chian.

“...this present volume on aspects of Christian higher education in china will also contribute to a wider discussion of the evolution of Christian colleges worldwide.”

Daniel H. Bays

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Introduction
1. Christian Colleges and Theological Education
2. The Changing Phases of Religious Education
3. Chinese Studies at Christian Colleges in Modern China
4. Nationalism and Cosmopolitanism in Christian Colleges
5. The Cultural Knot
Bibliography; Glossary of Chinese names and terms; Indexes

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