Centrality of Metaphors to Biblical Thought: A Method for Interpreting the Bible

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"This is a very fine and important book. . . .will render great service to exegetes. M[ackey] writes very clearly and always anticipates what he is going to do in the introductions and sums up what he has done in the conclusions. He also links the different sections of his book well. . . . His dialogue with other scholars is very scholastic; he presents all possible favourable arguments, objections and replies." - Église et Théologie

"A highly analytical study . . . The study avoids the pitfalls of technical jargon, whether biblical or rhetorical, thus opening a door to scholars of other disciplines." - The Bible Today

". . . leads the reader through a clear and thorough survey of important work on metaphor. . . . Macky's analysis of the relation between metaphorical and literal speech is especially helpful. . . . Throughout he has his eyes on the Bible and richly draws illustrations from it for the different functions of metaphor." - Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology

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