Catholic Gentry of Yorkshire, 1536-1642

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This book is a revisionist study of English Catholicism among the Yorkshire gentry in the century following the English Reformation. Previous works on the topic have tended to overemphasize the heroic sacrifice of prominent males and priests, while downgrading the role of others in the maintenance of Catholicism in the county. This study challenges this view by asserting the importance of other members of society in maintaining a Catholic community, looking at the activities of Catholic women, the younger sons of gentry families and some of the less well-known individuals of the Yorkshire communities.


“Sarah Bastow leads us through a Yorkshire in which the old certainties of the superiority of reformed Catholicism over local survival, of gentry dominance, of the centrality of heroic male (and only occasionally female) resistance, and of local antipathy to Catholic survival alongside draconian centralization, have disappeared.” - Dr. Timothy Thornton, Dean of the School of Music, Humanities and Media, University of Huddersfield

“This study helpfully places [the Yorkshire Catholic] gentry families in their local context and by investigating their patronage, education and careers re-assesses the extent to which, despite their adherence to Catholicism, they continued to participate in local and even national society.” - Dr. Claire Cross, Professor of History, University of York

“This is a solid and useful study of the Yorkshire Catholic gentry between 1536 and 1640 ...” - Dr. Pat Callum, Head of History, University of Huddersfield

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dr. Timothy Thornton
1 Rebellions, Risings, Plots and Protests
2 A Catholic in the Family? Yorkshire Catholic Gentlewomen and the Continuation of the Catholic Community
3 Persecution or Toleration?
4 Control and Compromise: Catholics and the Parish Community
5 The Educated and Active Catholic
6 Continuity and Revival: Careers in a Catholic Community
Appendix I: Key Families Mentioned in the Text
Appendix II: Location of the Main Family Estates

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