Bulgakov's Apocalyptic Critique of Literature the Use of Dante's the Divine Comedy, Goethe's Faust, and the Bible in the Master and Margarita Volume One: An Eventful History

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This study integrates Bulgakov's Jerusalem Narrative with all the themes of The Master and Margarita to discover what the author believes is Bulgakov's message in the novel. It explains the content and function of the four Jerusalem Chapters and shows that they are an essential part of the novel's theme. The study makes the chapters that rework the Gospels more intelligible for English readers.

Table of Contents

The Dramatic Backdrop

Chapter One Rehabilitation

Chapter Two A Soviet Critics' Literary Imprimatur

Chapter Three Soviet Critics' Imprimaturs

Chapter Four Western Interpretations

Chapter Five The Author

Chapter Six Marxism

Chapter Seven Marxism and Religion

Chapter Eight Leninism

Chapter Nine Stalinism

Chapter Ten Stalin's Religious Policy

The Theological Scene

Chapter Eleven Theme

Chapter Twelve The Location

Chapter Thirteen The Conversation

Chapter Fourteen Jesus Christ

Chapter Fifteen God

Chapter Sixteen Kant

Chapter Seventeen The Sixth Proof

Chapter Eighteen Dualism

Pilate Centre Stage

Chapter Nineteen Pilate: A Roman Feast

Chapter Twenty A Medieval Faustus

Chapter Twenty-One Roses

Chapter Twenty-Two Attar

Chapter Twenty-Three Hemicrania

Chapter Twenty-Four Jerusalem

Chapter Twenty-Five Palaces

Chapter Twenty-Six The Jews

Chapter Twenty-Seven Caiaphas

Chapter Twenty-Eight Banga

Chapter Twenty-Nine Afranius

Chapter Thirty The Messiah



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