Britain and Russia - The Bid to Rule Tibet

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In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Russia pursued an active interventive policy in Central Asia, arousing a serious challenge by the British colonial powers who saw Tibet as one of the jewels in the British crown, and attempted to ward off Russian intrigues. This book follows the course of Anglo-Russian rivalry, the involvement of British India and China in the struggle for sovereignty in the region, and the open and hidden intrigues involved in the jockeying for advantage of two major world powers.


Many research works already exist on the Tibetan question and the role of Russia. Various Western and Chinese historians regard tsarist Russian policy toward Tibet as merely aggressive, but without citing any reliable documents to corroborate their arguments. Much information can be gathered from collections of papers from the British Foreign Office and Ministry of Indian Affairs, which quote documents and British diplomatic correspondence from Peking and St. Petersburg.

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