Boston Heresy Case in View of the Secularization of Religion a Case Study in the Sociology of Religion

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A sociological study of an episode in American Catholic history known as the Boston Heresy Case: the 1940s controversy surrounding the Saint Benedict Center, founded in 1940 in Cambridge, Mass., and its leader, Father Leonard Feeney, who would eventually be excommunicated.


". . . the book has much relevance to sociologists who are preoccupied with the growing secularization arising from modernization and its effect on the churches." - The Catholic Historical Review

". . . an appropriate addition to special collections on American Catholicism that serve graduate students and upper-division undergraduates." - Choice

". . . the most comprehensive and convincing {study} yet available. Indeed, the case study focus is the book's greatest strength. . . . discussions of theory in the sociology of religion are thorough and stimulating. . . . the book is worthwhile reading. It is a valuable addition to the literature on the dilemmas of Catholicism in its American milieu and to the sociology of religion." - Donald A. Neilsen in Sociological Analysis

"George Pepper treats: 1) the history of the heresy case, its context in American and Catholic history; and the theology behind the controversy; 2) an analysis of two sociologists' views on the case and of Peter Berger's views on modernization; and 3) th

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