Biography of Distinguished Scientist Gilbert Newton Lewis

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Biography (by his son) of Gilbert Newton Lewis (1875-1946), famous chemist and scientist, who was chairman of the chemistry department and dean of the College of Chemistry at University of California. The inclusion of a description of family life and personal life, as well as comments from other distinguished scientists, provides information not available elsewhere. This biography is informal, and will be a valuable reference to anyone undertaking a related study. Includes photographs.

Table of Contents

Chapter Headings include: Lewis's Life and Career up to 1912; Publications through 1912; The Berkeley and California Environment; Career 1912-1946; The Department; Publications and Research from 1913 on; Lewis as Administrator; The Research Conference; The Nobel Prize?; Lewis, Lachman, Conversation and Cards; Lewis as Family Man; The Las Vegas Symposium; Lewis as a Person; Paretchan and Letters from Nobel Winners; References and Index.

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