Biographical History of African-American Artists, A-Z

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Includes 56 illustrations, most never reproduced in print before.


“Dr. Macklin has done a superb job of researching and identifying little known African American artists from the nineteenth century to the present. His compilation of pioneer artists and emerging artists is an invaluable contribution to the knowledge of the contributions of African American artists to our society. His work is detailed and well researched. . . . This is a much needed document of African American artists.” – Barbara McDaniel -Suggs

“He has done an outstanding job of presenting 283 artists, many who were unknown prior to the writing of this book. The art works that are included are important because most of the works, many by well known artists, have never been published before. This is an excellent book and should be in all college and university libraries.” – Jimmy James, Jr.

“. . . will serve as a valuable resource to students and scholars in the visual arts. For example, faculty teaching survey courses in African American art will provide students with access to artists that are seldom referenced in existing survey courses. Further, this compilation identifies artists that merit much more study and, certainly, the collection of their work. . . . The publication of such an important academic resource is long overdue.” – Theodore Zernich

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