Bilingual Edition of the Major Epics of Victor Hugo Vol. 1

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Victor Hugo’s epic trilogy – La Légende des siècles, La Fin de Satan, and Dieu – is often said to contain his very finest literary achievements. This volume contains the ten best-known longer epics from the trilogy, supplemented by relevant shorter poems and unfinished fragments. Text and translation are presented on facing pages, with introductions, notes, and a comprehensive glossary of proper names and technical terms. Most of the poems included have never before been rendered into English.


“. . . E.H. And A. M. Blackmore have done a valuable service for students and teachers of visionary romanticism in Europe. . . . The Blackmores show a knack for resolving the puzzles of the text with lucid, judicious endnotes, and a thoroughly-researched glossary of the many exotic names Hugo deployed lavishly. An extensive select bibliography of criticism is also provided. . . . should prove attractive for use in advanced classes, for comparatists, and for the cultivated general reader.” – Laurence M. Porter

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Preface by Hélène Jaccomard; Introduction
From La Légende des siècles (The Legend of the Ages): La Vision d’ou est sorti ce livre (the Vision that Gave Rise to this Book); Le Géant, aux dieux (The Giant, to the Gods); Paroles de géant (A Giant Speaks); Les Temps paniques (Panic Days); Le Titan (The Titan); Les Trois Cents (The Three Hundred); “La terre a vu jadis errer des paladins. . . “ (“The world saw wandering paladins in the past…”); Éviradnus; Zim-Zizimi; Sultan Mourad; Le Chanson des doreurs de proues (The Song of the Ship-Gilders); Le Satyre; “L’homme se tromp!. . .” (“Man is deceived!///”); Là-haut (In the Heavens); Le Cimetière d’Eylau (The Cemetery at Eylau); Les Pauvres Gens (The Poor); Abîme (Abyss)
From La Fin de Satan (The End of Satan): Et nox facta est (And there was Night); “Antres noirs du passé (Black caverns of the past. . . “); Le Glaive (The Sword)
From Dieu (God): from Le Seuil du gouffre (The Threshold of the Abyss); Le Hibou (The Owl); Le Bautour (The Vulture)
Reliquat (Material Left Over): “Remonte aux premiers jours de ton globe…” (“Turn back toward your planet’s earliest days…”); La Vision des montagnes (The Vision of the Mountains); “Tu bâtis une masse, un bloc, une montagne…” (You build a mass, a heap, a peak of reasons…”)
Le Pape (The Pope)
Appendix: Synoptic Table of Translations; Glossary, Bibliography

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