Bibliography of Salvation Army Literature in English (1865-1987)

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Attempts to classify and cite all the literature in English about and by The Salvation Army, from Booth's Darkest England to Shaw's Major Barbara: approximately 5,000 titles. Arrangement is chronological, by nine subjects, three of which are further subdivided by specific topic.


"Especially since there is no other bibliography of Salvation Army literature available, this volume is recommended for reference collections with an emphasis on religion or church history." - Choice

"begins to fill a serious void in the field of historical research about the Army. . . . Prior to the publication of Moyles' book, there was no such bibliographical guide for beginning researchers. This book provides a useful starting place . . . ." - Horizons

"That such a wealth of material could be so deftly organized is no small achievement. . . . Especially useful is the occasional annotation identifying the content of a work or establishing its context. Moyles's bibliography is a valuable contribution to the scholarly study of religion and social history, but will appeal as well to a more general audience." - American Reference Books Annual

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