Believer's Participation in the Death of Christ

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Since the original stating of the "corporate personality" several studies have redefined its limitations, showing, first, that a corporate self-understanding is neither specifically primitive nor specifically Hebraic and, second, that the Old Testament from the beginning maintains a tension between group and individual responsibility. This study refines the understanding of "corporate personality", returning finally to a passage pivotal for the understanding of corporate identification in New Testament Theology, Romans 6:1-14. This passage as a whole, and in particular Paul's particular choice of words in Romans 6:5, cannot be properly understood without a proper grasp of the concept of corporate identification.


". . . Stepp has written a book that is informative and makes a valuable contribution to the scholarly discussion of the participatory language in Paul's letters. Stepp conducts a judicious critique of Robinson's foundational study. Stepp's suggestion about using the language of "corporate identification" rather than "corporate personality" provides an important clarification to the topic. . . . His appendix on the meaning of homoiomo in view of its use in the New Testament, the Septuagint, and secular Greek also makes a helpful contribution by clarifying the exegesis of Romans 6." - H. Alan Brehm

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