Beatrice Webb (1858-1943) - The Socialist with a Sociological Imagination

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This volume captures the sociological imagination of Beatrice Webb by enlarging upon two of her most notable contributions. First, she applied the scientific method of observation, experiment, hypothesis, and verification to the study of social problems. Second, an outgrowth of the first contribution, she, along with her husband Sidney Webb, turned government into a science in the interest of furthering socialist doctrine to combat social problems. This book will interest scholars in historical sociology, the sociology of knowledge, sociological theory, political sociology, and gender roles.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Foreword, Preface, Introduction
1. The Early Years: The Potter Household; Enter Joseph Chamberlain; Sociology as Her Craft
2. The Formative Years: The Sociological Movement in Great Britain; The Political Economy; Rationalist Conception of the Social Order; Atomistic Framework; Notion of the 'Invisible Hand'; Ameliorism; Social Evolution; Influential Forces - Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, Charles Booth; Mrs. Sidney Webb; Applying Her Craft - The Charity Organization Society, The Consumers' Co-operative Movement
3. The Substantive Years: An Exchange of Ideas; Methods of Social Research; The War on Poverty; Investigating Trade Unionism; Soviet Communism as a 'Religion of Humanity'
4. Conclusion: Beatrice Webb's Impact on Sociology; A Postscript
Appendices, References, Index

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