Bartolomé De Las Casas (1474-1566) in the Pages of Father Antonio De Remesal

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This study focuses on a single biographical sketch, written less than 60 years after Las Casas' death by a fellow Dominican and based partly in the man's own writings and partly on documentary and other material found in books, papers and archives.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
1. Birth – Arrival in Española – Ordination- Cuba – Gestation of ideas
2. The Making of the Protector of the Indians
3. Las Casas Attempts to Plan a Colony in Venezuela
4. The Prolonged Stay in Española – the Chief Enrique
5. Interlude of Uncertainties
6. the Peaceful penetration of Tuzulutlán, the “Warzone” or Vera Paz
7. Las Casas – Bishop of Chiapas
8. The Final Years in Spain
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