Asian Writings of Jack London: Essays, Letters, Newspaper Dispatches, and Short Fiction by Jack London

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Examines American writer Jack London’s journalistic and literary contributions about Asia, his insights into Asian ethnic and political complexities, and his vision for pan-Asian / American cooperation. The book includes an anthology of London’s major writings on Asia.


“Dr. Métraux has also created an anthology of London’s key writings on Asia. This is the very first time that London’s writing on Asia has appeared together in a single volume. We have his accounts of his voyage to the Bonin Islands and Yokohama, all twenty-two of his lengthy dispatches from Japan, Korea and China as well as his many letters from Asia in 1904, his early stories centering on Japan, and his later stories and essays on the Far East.” – Dr. Wilton S. Dillon, The Smithsonian Institution

“Metraux’s is a valuable contribution to both American and Asian Studies. He adds to the growing scholarship on Asia in the American imagination, challenging assumptions about London’s racist perceptions of Asia, and showing London’s appreciation for Asia as well as his prophetic stance toward later developments in the region. This provocative study should be read by anyone with an interest in Jack London or the history of the ‘Yellow Peril.’ – Prof. Robert Grotjohn, Mary Baldwin College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Wilton S. Dillon, PhD
Part I: Analysis of London’s Writing on Asia
Chapter I: Background to London’s Career and Focus on Asia
Chapter II: Jack London’s Forgotten Role as an Influential Observer of Early Modern Asia
Chapter III: Jack London’s First Encounter with Japan: The Voyage of the Sophie Sutherland and his First Asian Writing
Chapter IV: Jack London Reporting From Korea and Manchuria
Chapter V: Jack London and the Yellow Peril
Chapter VI: Jack London’s Plea for Pan-Pacific Understanding: “The Language of the Tribe”
Epilogue: Jack London’s Mixed Message
Part Two: Jack London’s Writing on Asia
The Bonin Islands: An Incident of the Sealing Fleet
Short Fiction
Sakaicho, Hona Asi and Hakadaki
A Night’s Swim in Yedo Bay
O Haru
The Unparalleled Invasion
The Chinago
Letters and Newspaper Dispatches from Japan, Korea and Manchuria during the Russo-Japanese War (1904)
Three essays on the Future of Asia
The Yellow Peril
If Japan Awakens China
The Language of the Tribe

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