Artur Mahraun and the Young German Order: An Alternative to National Socialism in Weimar Political Culture

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The first monograph to devote itself to the ideology of the Young German Order, this work affords a closer examination of the role ideas played in the development of Weimar political culture as charted through the ideological clash of the Young German Order and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Party. This book contains eleven black and white photographs.


“With the completion of this work Ganyard has placed another stone in the increasingly complex mosaic of the Weimar political culture and party history.” – Prof. Larry Eugene Jones, Canisius College

“[The author] does an excellent job tracing the intellectual and cultural forces that shaped Mahraun’s own world view and the ideology behind the Young German Order.” – Prof. Barry Jackisch, University of Saint Francis

“ . . . I can state with confidence that Ganyard’s manuscript fills a void in the literature.” – Prof. Brian Crim, Caldwell College

Table of Contents

Foreword: The Young German Order in Historical Perspective by Larry Eugene Jones
Introduction: The Young German Order and German Intellectual History
1. The Rise of the Germanic Ideology
2. The Front Generation
3. Artur Mahraun and the Young German Order
4. The Young German Community
5. The Young German Volk-state
6. The Young German Order in Opposition to Nazism
Conclusion: Artur Mahraun, Adolf Hitler, and German Idealism in Weimar Political Culture

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