Artistic Legacy of Le Corbusier’s Machine À Habiter

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This book showcases exciting new trends in Corbusian scholarship. The authors, an international group of architectural historians, draw analogies between Le Corbusier’s machine à habiter and twentieth-century political and social movements such as Italian and German Fascism and the multi-national New Woman Movement. This book contains twenty black and white photographs and five color photographs.


“According to Le Corbusier, the modern human needed a cheerful and self-contained room, in which he could work in peace. His architectural ideas can be understood and a battle cry. . . .Le Corbusier compared the furniture of a house to prosthetic limbs; he understood the body as a machine, with an eye towards perfection.” - Ulrich Schultze, professor at the Art History Institute, University of Karlsruhe, Germany

“Significantly, six out of the nine international writers in this well-selected anthology are women. . . . The door is now open for all scholars of architecture, not just western men. The editors and writers have generously risen to the challenge of of Le Corbusier‘s legacy: celebrating the radicalness missed the first time around as well as reckoning with the dark side previously eclipsed.” - Dr. Stephanie Ellis, Associate Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies, San Francisco Art Institute

Table of Contents

Preface by Ulrich Schultze
General Introduction
I. The Machine Age
The Architecture of the Well-Served Environment - Hadas Steiner
Towards a Sustainable Fusion: Car, House and City - Alex Wall
Moveable Immovables: The Interplay between Architecture and Automotive Design - Elisabeth Schmidle
II. Architecture and Print
Text Messaging: Eileen Gray’s Ville-Maison - Anna Novakov
Inhabiting Ideology: Quadrante and the paradigm of the machine à habiter in Fascist Italy - Maria Elena Versari
Una macchina per abitare? Modern Italian housing between Gio Ponti’s Casa all ‘italiana and Le Corbusier’s machine à habiter - Flavia Marcello
III. Visual Culture
Une machine à émouvoir l’homme: Art in the Purist Home - Christopher Pearson
Venice Hospital: A Study of its Urban Underpinnings - Mahnaz Shah

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