Aristotle and Christianity

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This monograph is the closing work in a series of ten titles by Dr. Paul Berry. The collection began with an initial study, The Christian Inscription at Pompeii. This work traced the line of cultural, philosophical and theological inheritance that extends from the philosophy or Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) to the theology of Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274 A.D.)


Aristotle and Christianity is a telescopic survey of the influence of his works as seen in the Roman Church. In the author’s view, this influence is best illustrated by the unique survival of two Aristotelian masterpieces, the Metaphysics and De Anima. The first has to do with the existence of God, and the second concerns the immortality of the soul…Berry has provided a lasting work which illustrates the enduring contributions of Aristotelianism not only to the Church’s stewardship of the cultural wealth represented by Christian humanism but also, and especially, to the theological articulation of the Christian faith itself.”
-Reverend Monsignor Christopher J. Schreck,
Rector/ President,
Pontifical College Josephinum

Table of Contents

1. Aristotelianism: B.C.
2. Entrance of Sulla
3. Entrance of Cicero
4. Ciceronian Advance
5. Aristotelian Lexicon
6. Entrance of Caesar
7. Entrance of Seneca
8. Entrance of Paul
9. Platonism
10. Tertullian’s Bequest
11. Arianism
12. Orthodoxy
13. The Roman Transfer
14. Entrance of Trinitarianism
15. Entrance of Christianity
16. The Roman Exchange
17. The Entrance of Justinian
18. Gregory 1st and Aristotle
19. The Roman Rite in the Dark Ages
20. Aristotle and Aquinas

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