Architecture of Corbusier and Kahn in the East a Philosophical Inquiry

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This study examines the masterworks of Le Corbusier and Louis Kahn at Chandigarh and Dhaka in India not only with a thorough knowledge of western modernism, but also from the view of their western intrusions on the quite different cultural sensibilities of the Indian subcontinent. It is both a philosophical and aesthetic discourse. With photographs.

Table of Contents

Table of contents:
Foreword; Prologue; Introduction
1. Agony of the West: The Stage
2. The Crow and the Kite: The Players
3. Chandigarh: Understanding Le Corbusier
4. Sher-E-Banglanagar: Understanding Louis Kahn
5. Tools of Composition: Apprehension of Form; Power of the Primary; ancestral Voice; Sense of the Numinous; Intensity of the Vague
6. From India to Indianan: A Study in Volume Zero
7. Conversation with Uttam Jain
8. Conversation with Mazharul Islam
9. Conversation with Amir Husain
Bibliography; Index

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