Architectural Influences on Jane Austen’s Narratives. Structure as an Active Agent of Fictive Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century

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This is the first sustained analysis of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park in conjunction with her two Bath novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion. It is a careful examination of the organization and background of these interconnected worlds and demonstrates the importance of the Palladian influence on Austen’s Bath, and her awareness of the significance of her brothers’ Naval careers. This book contains fifteen color photographs.


“In short, Dr. Margaret Wye’s book proceeds in a manner long respected in criticism of eighteenth-century British literature. She looks to intellectual contexts, corresponding arts, and knowledge of Austen’s readers to better appreciate the achievements of Jane Austen.” – Prof. Joseph Cirincione, Rockhurst University

“There is much here that is new. . . Dr. Wye is able to make ‘architecture’ the perfect medium for drawing together the various strands of her thesis, and she does so in a readable way, without losing anything of the rigor that has clearly accompanied her work in the project.” – Prof. John Williams University of Greenwich

Table of Contents

Foreword by Joseph Cirincione
1. An Unnatural Beginning
2. What’s in a Name?
3. The Palladian in England
4. Hidden Architecture in Mansfield Park
5. Bath in Northanger Abbey
6. Persuasion in Bath
7. Jane Austen and the Royal Navy
Appendix “The Naval Brothers”
Notes Bibliography

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