AperÇu Culturel Des Films Francophone

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This is a critical study of Francophone cultures as they can be detected from selected films, including ‘Daens’ (Belgium), ‘The Boat is Full’ (Switzerland), ‘Finzan’ (Mali); ‘Zan Boko’ (Burkina Faso), ‘Vagabond’ and/or ‘Life is a Long Quiet River’ (France) and others. Each chapter presents a list of idiomatic expressions (when appropriate), a critical study of the culture (traditional and contemporary), and a stylistic analysis of the script. It also stresses what is authentic and what is fiction.


“[This book] is a survey of contemporary Francophone film of both academic and scholarly interest to a wide audience ranging from the secondary school instructor to the university professor and their students, with most likely and especially the former in mind…..As a Francophone film study guide, it addresses primarily the desire by both instructor and student to better acquaint themselves with the Francophone world…..this study enthusiastically succeeds in whetting the reader/viewer’s appetite by encouraging him/her to apply a similar methodology and socio-historical perspective useful when approaching other Francophone films in general.” – Dr. Jean-Luc Desalvo

“Josette Hollenbeck has done those who love and study movies an inestimable service; she has provided an invaluable collection of “instructions” and insights on how one should watch a film, and equally as important, how to circumvent the inevitable barriers to understanding posed by language and cultural differences….. I would recommend this book for students of film, particularly those who use film extensively in instructional settings.” – James F. Barnes, Professor Emeritus, Ohio University

“This book covers a large spectrum of African films, both from North Africa and Sub-Saharan countries. This alone is noteworthy, because often critics do not approach African cinema as a whole, but through ideological categories, such as Black Western African or Arabic North African cinema, and so on. In sharp contrast to with many other books on African cinema…. accessible to the student and the critic alike…..For any library with a collection focusing on African cinema, [this book] is a must.” – Dr. Jean-Francois Llorens, Associate Professor of French, High Point University

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
Preface, Avant-propos, Remerciements
• Daens
• Enfance
• Miel at cendres
• Les ombres bleues du desert
• Tableau Ferraille
• L’antre des doulers
• Finzan
• Zan Boko
• Serpentins
• Sango Malo
• La nuit nue
• Chef
• Babylone
• La tête dans les nuages
• La grande vadrouille
• La vieille dame de la gare
• Sans toit ni loi
• L’enfant martyr

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