Animal Tales: A Collection of Short Fiction by Lucette Desvignes

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Translated into English for the first time, Lucette Desvignes examines, through her fiction, the relationship between animals and humans. Liberating animals from circumstances that often imprison them, Desvignes helps us to discover their unique personalities and the joy they can bring to the people around them.


“In this volume of Lucette Desvignes’ tales, we encounter the author as a human creature who respects animals, loves them, campaigns forcefully for their well-being. The reader will see how she fully realizes the importance of the mission of animals towards humankind. She also knows that they are the true teachers of “Loving Kindness” and, as she perfectly understands their language, she succeeds here in rendering it comprehensible to the rest of us, young and old alike.” – Prof. Marie-Madeleine Stey, Capital University

Table of Contents

Commendatory Preface (Dr. Mary-Madeleine Stey)
Just Between Cats
The White Cat
Christmas for the Granny in the Attic
The Unnamed Cat
The Dog Returning from the Wars
Santa Claus is a Dog
Story of the Journalist Who Hated Animals
A Melancholy Cat
Fortunately, the Animals were There
Story of the Cat Looking for his Masters
Animal Band
The Christmas Eve of the Merry-Go-Round
Little Brother and Little Sister
On the Threshold, a Dead Cat
Four Cats, a Dog, a Passing Stranger
How and Why Fat Woolly Unraveled his Tail
The Tale of Semolina and Tapioca
The Fresco on the Wall
Cats on Vacation
Did You Say Animal Selfishness
How the Little Boy Started to Speak
The Little Shop Window
And About a Dozen Raccoons
Another Batch of Raccoons
The Adventures of the Cat with Glasses
The Two Paintings
Speaking of Seagulls
Profiles of Contributors

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