Ancestor Worship and Christianity in Korea

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Written entirely by Korean Christians, this study analyzes the tension between ancestor worship and Christianity from several perspectives: traditional folk religion, Korean Christianity, Confucianism, and Japanese religion during the Korean occupation of Japan.


". . . very timely . . . There is much insight to draw out from this very provocative book." - International Bulletin of Missionary Research

"[Lee] and six other contributors address a question which has troubled Christians in Asia since the early days of the missions: `Can a Christian conscientiously participate in the practice of ancestor worship?' . . . Lee concludes with some theological guidelines." - Theology Digest

"Recent trends . . . indicate a relaxation of the traditional Protestant opposition to ancestor worship. . . . Other Protestant spokespersons, however . . . insist that ancestor worship is nothing short of idol worship. The book is stimulating reading for one interested in this issue, and two of the chapters are especially insightful . . . ." - Alan Neely in Faith Mission

"The essays are notable for their diversity in approach and the fact that all the authors are ethnic Koreans. The result is an unusual opportunity to discover how Korean Christians themselves deal with the question of ancestral rites. . . . the alert read

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