An Introduction to the World's Major Religions. A College Textbook

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". . . begins by addressing general questions pertinent to the discipline of religious studies . . . [with] chapters on Hinduism, Buddhism, Chinese religions, Judaism, Christianity, [and] Islam. . . . Recognizing the problem of bombarding the student with too much information, Atkinson avoids all but essential details. . . . Atkinson's style is clear and easy to follow, rendering the information herein highly accessible to first-year students." - Studies in Religion - Sciences Religieuses

"The main concern of the book . . . is to find the specific approach in a course on religions which does not reduce religions to history, sociology, or psychology . . . . Nor is a theological approach from the faith perspective of one religion a satisfactory programme for a university. The author intends as far as possible to present religions as they appear to their followers . . . . should be useful for the purpose intended, as a course of religion at the Junior University level." - Vidyajyoti

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