An Interpretive Reading of Virginia Woolf's the Waves- Narrative, Time and Self

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Virginia Woolf in THE WAVES questions binary thinking regarding gender identity severely because it is reductive and restrictive. The Waves presents a group of six friends whose reflections, which are closer to recitatives than to interior monologues proper, create a wave-like atmosphere that is more akin to a prose poem than to a plot-centered novel.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents:
1. A Woolf in the Waves (A Self with Many "I"s; Human Writing)
2. Language, Light and Sea (Narrative, Self, and Silence; Bernard and the Written Self)
3. Now is not Time (Being, Body and Moment; Seeing Without an I)
4. Ordering a Round Life (Narrative Life and the Impulse to Write; Waves of Chaos, Waves of Order)
5. Perceiving the Moment Per Se (Narrating the Experience of Perception; Be-yond the Veil)
6. Identifying Selves and Individual Identities: Bernard and the Stuttering "I"
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