An Index of Excerpts and an Overview of Published Orchestral Bassoon Excerpt Collections with a Comparison of Three Collections

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The study of orchestral excerpts is essential for those who aspire to orchestral or teaching positions. This book contains a database of published orchestral excerpt collections for bassoon both in and out of print. The overview provides general information on the compilers or editors, the contents, and other information pertinent to a specific collection. The comparison among three collections (Gumbert, Stadio, Kolbinger and Rindersapcher) illustrates how excerpt collection for bassoon evolved over a one-hundred year publication period. The compilation fills a void in bassoon pedagogy.


“Dr. Tama Kott has provided a resource for bassoonists that is practical for the student and the professional. With this document, the search for elusive passages from the standard and non-standard orchestra repertoire will be made simple ... Not only has Dr. Kott brought these sources to our attention, but her index allows all of the material to be located from one helpful volume ... Her overview of the collections will also help the reader determine if any of the lesser known collections is absolutely necessary for their home library. It is this last point that has been the bane of most bassoonists when faced with the question of purchasing yet another collection of excerpts. There are so many duplications of the standard excerpts among the Stadio, Righini and Dhérin collections that one might think the other collections superfluous. Dr. Kott’s detailed descriptions of some of the collections’ contents will allow each player to determine the most useful additions to their files. This book should find a welcome place on the shelves of every school of music library and in many home studios as well.” – Professor Jeffrey Lyman, Arizona State University

“Dr. Kott's exhaustive study has resulted in a volume that will be especially welcome by bassoon pedagogues and scholars as it will provide them, as well as students and professional players, a resource for easily finding the availability and location of bassoon excerpts ... The cross referencing includes an alphabetical listing of the excerpts by composer, by title of work and by source ... For professionals and players taking auditions, the tome provides the location of a wealth of excerpts that are less frequently played and more difficult to find. Of particular benefit is Dr. Kott’s research in Russia which has clarified some of the contents of that country’s excerpt collections. The importance of a volume such as this specifically for a university teacher should not be understated ... a valuable reference tool.” – Professor William Dietz, University of Arizona

“ ... this book should stimulate interest in several aspects of the study of bassoon excerpts, some of which are mentioned in Dr. Kott’s conclusions and recommendations. These would include a listing of which collections are out of print, including advice on finding them, development of excerpt collections for wind ensemble and chamber music, a listing of specific errata for collections that are widely available, an index of more electronic material such as orchestral parts on CD, and annotated listings of more pedagogical bassoon material which specifically deals with bassoon excerpts. Anyone pursuing such goals will find this comprehensive index an excellent place to start.” – National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors, Fall 2005

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
2. Parameters of Study, Difficulties in Obtaining and Locating materials and Compiling Databases
3. Overview of Excerpt Collections Examined
4. Analysis of Selected Collections (Gumbert, Stadio, Kolbinger and Rindersapcher)
5. Additional Excerpt and Study Materials for Bassoon
Appendix A: Alphabetical List of Published Bassoon Excerpts by Composer and Title
Appendix B: Alphabetical List of Published Bassoon Excerpts by Title
Appendix C: Alphabetical List of Titles by Source
Appendix D: Alphabetical List of Selected Collections by Composer and Title
Appendix E: Alphabetical List of Selected Collections by Title
Appendix F: Excerpt Bibliography
Appendix G: Chronological Listing of Orchestral Excerpts
Appendix H. Cross-references
Appendix I: Electronic Communication from Thomas Heck, 26 January 2000
Appendix J: Electronic Communication from Massimo Gentili-Tedeschi, 3 February 2000

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