An Examination and Critique of the Understanding of the Relationship Between Apocalypticism and Gnosticism in Johannine Studies

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This study describes, criticizes, and corrects an assumption (that apocalyptic eschatology had no place in Gnosticism) frequently employed by Johannine scholars. It explores the assumption's background in Apocalypticism, and in the light of six Nag Hammadi tractates. It then summarizes conclusions and offers additional information in appendices. It describes a trend in apocalyptic studies and hopes to contribute a more accurate portrait of Apocalypticism within Gnosticism.


"Robert Hill's study makes an important contribution both to the study of the Gospel of John and to the general issue of the background of the New Testament writings. . . . The significance of Hill's study goes well beyond its relevance to the interpretation of the Gospel of John. It also illustrates the difficulty of applying our generalizations about background to early Christian texts." - Frederik Wisse

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