An Etymological Vocabulary and Study of La Estoria De Los Godos, 1243

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The Estoria de los godos is a paraphrase and summary of the Latin text DeRebus Hispaniae, or Historia Gothica, written by Archbishop don Rodrigo Ximenez de Rada and completed in 1243. The creation of the Estoria de los godos was prompted by a genuine desire to afford the less learned inhabitants of Castile the opportunity to know more about the history of their culture and civilization. It served as a model for historiographers of the thirteenth, fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

This etymological study of all the common names occurring in the text will serve to facilitate the reading comprehension of those interested in Spanish history who may have difficulty understanding and interpreting the language of the 13th century.


"I am pleased that this study pleasantly reacquaints and reconnects me with an interest developed earlier in my career, but more importantly, Dr. Lassiter's work will add favorably to the bibliography on some of the historical and philological concerns regarding the Spanish language. Estoria de los godos is an important anonymous text because it is considered by some scholars as the first Castillian Chronicle ... This is a welcome contribution to scholarship on Medieval Spain, the romanization of the Iberian Peninsula, and the history of the Spanish language ... " - Professor James J. Davis, Howard University, Washington, DC

Table of Contents

Don Rodrigo Ximenez de Rada
Historica Góthica
Estoria de los godos
The Manuscripts
The Language of the Estoria de los godos
Verb Morphology
Vocabulary Analysis
Etymological Vocabulary
List of Abbreviations
Words Not Directly From Latin

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