An Essay on the Rise and Fall of Nations: A Philosophy of Nations

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Dr. Davies considers the spiritual nature of the creation of and eventual fall of nations. This essay looks at the centuries to create an historical model of nation creation and what leads to its fall.


"Likewise, God, too, had an idea for the cosmos, a blueprint, in his mind before He created it. God created the cosmos out of Himself. Many theologians call that “creation out of nothing” or “creation ex nihilo.” Yes, indeed, God is “No thing.” He is the great “I Am.” God just is. God is beyond spirit. God always has been, is, and always will be. Most of us find that impossible to grasp. Personally, I find the concept of the eternity of God the most challenging concept to grasp."
From the Introduction

Table of Contents


Stage 1: The Creation of the Cosmos

Stage 2: Crown of Creation

Stage 3: The Age of Ancient Religions

Stage 4: Age of Reform in World Religions I: 600 B.C.E. to 33 C.E.

Stage 5: The Age of Reform in World Religions II: 33 C.E to 600 C.E.

Stage 6: The Age of Reform in World Religions III (600 C.E. to 1250 C.E.)

Stage 7: The Renaissance (1250 C.E. to 1480 C.E.)

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