An English Translation of the Texts of the Takenouchi School of Japanese Classical Martial Arts: An Historical, Pedagogical, and Philosophical Study

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Modern forms of grappling and wrestling martial arts in Japan can trace their historical and philosophical roots back to the Takenouchi School. Antis argues that there is a body of evidence that proves this point, and he expands upon previous work by translating rare historical scrolls, poetry, and other documents. Modern martial arts have spiritual connections to this particular school, and it is presented as a physical and curricular manifestation of philosophical and religious traditions that extend throughout Asian history. The author provides an exhaustive reference guide based on an accumulation of primary sources dealing with this influential Japanese school.


“This will surely be a definitive text on the philosophical and historical origins of Japanese martial arts.”

- Prof. Robin Fujikawa,
University of Hawaii

“Now that I see the fruits of his years of labor, I am amazed, excited and grateful for the service he has rendered to the school, especially for non-native speaking students.”

- Prof. Wayne Muromoto,
University of Hawaii

“This book is an eminently valuable contribution to the field of Asian philosophy and religion – and to the growing field of study in Asian practical arts – many of which have a profoundly spiritual undergirding.”

-Prof. James Ryan,
Director of Asian and Comparative Studies Dept., California Institute of Integral Studies

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction to the Takenouchi School of Japanese Classical Martial Arts
Literature Review on the Takenouchi School in the Japanese Language
Literature Review on the Takenouchi School in the English Language

Chapter 2: Historical Narrative of the Takenouchi School of Japanese Classical Martial Arts

The Atago Deity’s Transmission to the Founding School Ancestor

Martial Arts of the Indigenous People Born in the Country of the Iron Industry called Mimasaka

Description of Techniques of the Takenouchi School

The Glory of the “Founder, Creator, and Originator of Japanese Grappling Arts” Among Other Sections

Chapter 3: Curriculum Catalog: Author’s Translation of the Takenouchi Curriculum Catalog with Translator Commentary

Chapter 4: Philosophical Texts of the Takenouchi School of Japanese Classical Martial Arts:
Takenouchi School Philosophical Scrolls

Chapter 5: Conclusion

Appendix A: Curriculum Vitae for Martial Lineages Taught by Dr. Andrew Antis

Appendix B: Patron Deities of the Takenouchi School and the Atago Cosmic Diagram

Appendix C: Author’s Translation from the Book: Sword Arts Five Hundred Year History

Appendix D: Takenouchi Austerities: General Schedule and Duties for Austerity Training

Appendix E: Author’s Translation of “Autumn Bellflower Family Crest: Bamboo Grass Autumn Bellflower Remembered in Connection with the Minamoto Clan

Appendix F: Author’s Translation of a Book Chapter on “Enno Gyoja”

Among Appendices

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