An English Translation of Alfred De Vigny’s daphnÉ: La DeuxiÈme Consultation Du Docteur Noir/daphne: The Second Consultation of Doctor Noir

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Daphne: The Second Consultation of Doctor Noiris based on the life of Julian, the fourth-century Roman Emperor often called the Apostate, or the last pagan. This is the first translation of the nineteenth-century French.


“Henry Majewski’s translation of Daphné finally allows the English-speaking reader to discover what may be the most ambitious work of one of the giants of nineteenth-century French literature, a work that reflects both an exceptional mastery of the art of writing and a remarkable depth of thought.” – Prof. Pascal Ifri, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

“[The author’s] seamless translation . . .brings to the fore the Romantic poet’s elegant style and plunges the reader into a Socratic dialogue between the intriguing figure of Emperor Julian the apostate and the philosopher Lianius.” – Prof. Eduardo Febles, Simmons College

“. . . restore[s] a much neglected text to the canon of French Romantic Literature.” – Prof. Theodore P. Fraser, Holy Cross College

Table of Contents

Foreword by Professor Pascal Ifri
Introduction - The Second Consultation of Doctor Noir: Julian the Apostate and the Use of Symbols Translation in English of Alfred de Vigny’s Daphné
The Crowd
The Books
The Latin Quarter
Christ and the Antichrist Daphne – Letter One
Second Letter
Third Letter
Fourth Letter
The End of Daphne
Selected Bibliography
Books on Julian
Julian in Literature
Studies of Alfred de Vigny and his works
Biographies of Alfred de Vigny
Selected Works of Alfred de Vigny
Some translations of Vigny’s works
Translator’s note

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