An Analysis of Franz Grillparzer's Dramas Fate, Guilt, and Tragedy

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Part one of this study presents a general discussion of a new theory of the tragic, an outline of the history of tragedy, and the methodology. Part two contains interpretations of Grillparzer's ten completed dramas with regard to their tragic nature and to fate and guilt concepts in particular. The third is a summary, a general discussion of Grillparzer as tragedian, and a proposal for solving the dilemma experienced by many interpreters in this context.


"The main thrust of this book is that the contradictory interpretations of tragic experience we find in the history of literary tragedy are themselves evidence of the insoluble problem of undeserved suffering . . . the main interest lies in the substantial main section which is terse, lucid and stimulating and fully engaged (both in the text and the notes which are conveniently at the end of each chapter) with the very extensive critical literature. . . . the book is a readable and often pithy account of possibly the most impressive corpus of tragedy in German literature (besides Schiller) and brings together an immense amount of information in its scholarly apparatus with a challenging argument. The bibliography is enormous and is clearly not just there (as is sometimes the case) for show." - Austrian Studies 7: Gender Politics in Austrian Fiction

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