An Afrocentric Study of the Intellectual Development, Leadership Praxis and Pedagogy of Malcolm X

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Presents a critical examination of Malcolm X’s leadership and intellectual explorations to assess his contributions to African Americans in developing a civil society. The focus of this study is his contribution to the non-formal education of African American adults. It provides an examination of barriers Blacks faced in their pursuit of education, and addresses the importance of non-formal learning. To do this, three themes were used to identify Malcolm X as an adult educator: community educator, community activist, pre-cursor to the Afrocentric perspective (cultural advocate). This study opens the door for the examination and re-examination of various key people to our society. An Afrocentric Theoretical perspective (Kawaida Theory) is the analytical paradigm used to ground this subject in the context of African-American history and culture.

Table of Contents

Table of contents (main headings):
Preface; Foreword
1. Introduction
2. Review of Literature
3. Methodology
4. Community Educator
5. Community Activist
6. Precursor to the Afrocentric Perspective
7. Conclusion: Malcolm X’s Legacy for Adult Education; Legacy for Black Studies; Areas for Further Examination in Adult Education; Recommendations for Future Research
Bibliography; Index

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