American Travel Narratives as a Literary Genre From 1542-1832 the Art of a Perpetual Journey

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This work establishes the shared theme, topics and stylistic traits of American travel narratives. Though the narratives span three hundred years and the authors belong to three different populations (explorers, colonial settlers, and American citizens), their writings may be grouped together as a genre and assessed by the same standards as other literary works.


". . . provides a new and important component to mainstream studies in early-American literature. . . . She locates the American travel narrative in its historical and aesthetic context, creating an interesting and useful book designed for a wide audience. The work will appeal to specialists in early-American literature and history as well as the general reader who delights in tales of early-American travel. . . . Her approach is essential to our understanding of how the country was shaped. She is an author with vision and the ability to make sense out of her materials." - Edith Wagner

"Sharon Brown, herself a pioneer in America's uncharted literary past, calls our attention to a thematically, stylistically rich, yet neglected body of work. A nation whose literature formed while its population migrated needs to recognize this genre, the travel narrative, as a key to its literary history. Ms. Brown's thorough scholarship . . . adds new perimeters to the canon." - Joseph Greco

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